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Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring on the very first day of camp:

• Registration & health form (unless already submitted)
• Payment (
unless showing $0 balance)

What to bring every day of camp:

• Appropriate jersey or T-Shirt
• Appropriate soccer shorts
• Appropriate soccer socks
• Shin guards (
• Mouth guard (optional)
• Soccer cleats
(if available)
• Sneakers or gym shoes
(in case we have to go indoors)
• Sun screen
• Water bottle
• Change of clothes and a towel
(in case it rains)
• Money for snacks (
with parent permission only)

What to bring on the very last day of camp:

• Camp-issued soccer ball (for group photo)
• Camp-issued T-Shirt (
for group photo)
• Check or cash for professional photo (individual and group, provided by Marilyn Weir Photography)
• Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the awards ceremony!

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