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The Tod Silegy Soccer Camps are designed to offer a positive soccer learning experience for your child. Your child will be taught soccer in a fun, but fast-paced environment. He/She will have the opportunity to become a better soccer player, to improve individual skills, and to become a more proficient and effective team member.

Over the course of the camp, emphasis will be put on individual techniques, functions of positions, and team tactics. To assess each player's strengths and areas of improvement, the camps will offer small-sided, enclosed soccer arenas. Each arena will facilitate a 4-on-4 soccer game played without goalkeepers. This setup allows us, as coaches, to concentrate on each player individually and to give personalized feedback. These games tend to encourage fast-flowing play, with an emphasis on decision-making, depth, width, vision, technical ability, movement, fitness and composure.

My mission as director of this soccer camp is to make your child a better soccer player through individual attention, focused skills training, and hard work, all in an enjoyable learning environment. I truly look forward to having your child experience one of our Tod Silegy Soccer Camps in Chesterfield or Walpole. We also offer two special weeks of soccer instruction in Peterborough.

Tod Silegy, Director



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